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Jeon Soo-kyung to Make Special Appearance in “Cheat on Me, If You Can”

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Actress Jeon Soo-kyung is making a special appearance in “Cheat On Me, If You Can“.

She is appearing in KBS 2TV drama “Cheat On Me, If You Can” as Yoon Hyeong-sook, a beautiful and sophisticated woman.

Cheat On Me, If You Can” is a comic mystery thriller about a crime novelist wife who only thinks about how to kill people and a divorce lawyer husband who wrote a memorandum titled “Cheat On Me, If You Can” which tells an unconventional and intense story about adults who do bad things with guilt.

Jeon Soo-kyung‘s harmony with Cho Yeo-jeong and Go Joon is highly anticipated.

Meanwhile, “Cheat On Me, If You Can” broadcasts every Wednesday-Thursday at 9.30PM.

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