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Sunday, June 13, 2021

[Ratings] “Royal Secret Agent” at Number 1, “She Would Never Know” at 1% Range

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Royal Secret Agent” maintains its top spot in Monday-Tuesday dramas.

According to the Nielsen Korea, a ratings agency, KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Royal Secret Agent” which aired on the 2nd, recorded 8.8% and 12.3% (Ep.14) of the national ratings.

This is a decrease of about 1% point from 9.7% and 13.6% (Ep.13) in the previous episode, but it has firmly kept its No. 1 spot.

JTBC’s “She Would Never Know” maintained its rating at 1.954% (Ep.6), a slight increase from 1.918% (Ep.5).

Meanwhile, tvN’s “L.U.C.A. : The Beginning” had a slight increase from 5.371% (Ep.1) to 5.802% (Ep.2).

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