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Friday, June 11, 2021

[Ratings] “True Beauty” Records Its Highest Rating

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The ratings of “True Beauty” which has been fluctuating from the start, continued to pick up starting the 12th episode.

According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings agency, tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “True Beauty” recorded its highest rating of 4.579% (Ep.15), an episode before the show ends.

It is in a continuous increase in ratings from 3.418% (Ep.12), 4% (Ep.13), and 4.125% (Ep.14), eventually recording its highest rating.

Meanwhile, JTBC’s “Run On” had a slight decrease in ratings, recorded 3.102% (Ep.15) from 3.145% (Ep.14).

True Beauty” and “Run On” will be airing their final episodes on the 4th.

Source: Hancinema

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